If over the last few years you haven’t been too much of a Luddite to get into podcasts and realise the endless potential of AM Radio-style discussions by people who are usually much more interesting and knowledgeable than you about very specific things that you are actually interested in, with the added bonus of being able to listen to it whenever and wherever you want, then you are probably unlikely to find Is The Man Who is Tall Happy? dull.


This film by Michel Gondry is effectively just an animated podcast of his interviews with Noam Chomsky. The animations are pretty, but they are, for the most part, abstract and just there to aid with the conceptualisation of the material covered by Chomsky. He talks about a variety of things, and while it is all interesting, it isn’t really enough to elevate this animated interview into ‘movie’ status. It’s a fascinating conversation that follows Chomsky’s life and most well-known linguistic theories and definitely warrants a visit, but I don’t advocate going to the cinema to do so.

It’s a little disappointing that given the amount of effort and passion that Gondry must have spent on this project, even though it is ultimately really very good, it’s sort of wasted in this format.