awful nice

Awful Nice is moments of jackass-esque comedy in amongst a mostly stupid film. Almost exactly what you’d expect from the preview (and preview review). It’s a little polarising though because it is both terrible and really quite good.

awful nice3

Directed by the unknown Todd Sklar, Jim Brouillette (James Pumphrey) has to drive across the country to find his hopeless brother, Dave (Alex Rennie, who co-wrote the screenplay with Sklar) and bring him back to thier father’s funeral. They discover that they’ve each been left a half of the family vacation home in Branson, Missouri. But before they can sell the house to get some much-needed money, the two have to go to the house and organise some cleaning and repairs. Thier contact in Branson, thier deceased father’s old business partner, the very odd Jon Charbineau (a hillarious yet mildly intimidating Christopher Meloni), who may or may not have ties with the russian mafia tries to help them as much as he can, but the useless pair seem hell bent on fucking everything up for themselves. They encounter ex girlfirends, british, prostitute, Hawaiian-food-Chinese-restaurant waitresses dressed in Cheongsams, play mini-golf, fight over Alonzo Mourning rookie cards, drink, take drugs, fight more, drink more, argue, get photos taken dressed up as cowboys, get arrested, make friends with the cops, fight with but then hire russian tradesmen, start fires, shoot things, smash a lot of windows and things, etc…

awful nice2

A bit of an alternative low to mid budget vibe, but not really arty in any way. Definitely better than a lot of contemporary mainstream comedy shit, but not really actually good or anything. The main characters are both ‘real’ and seriously annoying, which is at least partly intentional, but rather tiresome. There are some funny moments, and if you ever find yourself trying to decide between Awful Nice and something like This is 40 [2012], then go for the former, but otherwise I can’t envisage many scenarious where this is worth seeing. That said, if you are really into oddball alternative independent low brow cinema then this is a gem…

awful nice4