There isn’t too much to say about this simple yet immensely enjoyable well-made film. A group of young kids in a small town get up to all sorts of trouble. Three of them are altar boys because it allows them to skip school and get drunk on the sacramental wine. There are relatively frank depictions of drugs, booze, guns, stealing and some other misdemeanours.

First time writer/director/producer sibling combination Kevin and Matthew McManus deliver a ‘film festival’ type film that is fresh, well-made, really funny, endearing and reminded me a lot of my own, rather rebellious youth. The budget is obviously small, but it doesn’t matter at all, and although there isn’t much plot per se, calling the film a series of events or vignettes would be selling it much too short. The casting and acting are stellar; the direction is clean, just gritty enough and really genuine.

It’s a great film that, for once, has me in a position where I don’t really want to say much about it for fear of influencing your experience with it.

See it.